Search Engine Optimisation Pricing

SEO does not have to cost a fortune, however it is a specialist service which takes a lot of time and effort to get right.
If you see SEO as a long term investment then you will see much bigger long term returns which will massively help your profitability.

How much does SEO from Lottie cost?


Here at Lottie we make our pricing very easy to understand, super transparent and simple to budget. We do not make up prices on the spot based on clients budgets, status or expectations - every client gets exactly the same pricing and exactly the same level of service.

Our SEO packages are priced by the day and we leave it up to the client to determind how many days work per month they either can afford, or feel is necessary to help them achieve the end goals.

So if you are looking to optimise your website and are looking to invest in SEO then you have come to the right place. The next step on your journey is to look at our price structure and see if you feel this will work for your business or not.

And if it does then please get in touch with us and our team will be happy to discuss your project with you in fine detail.


One-off SEO Project Set Up Fee

This allows us to complete full and throughout research into your business, your competitors, your current website ranking positions and which keywords we need to target and focus on.


Daily SEO Management Fee

This is our day rate for SEO. You simply pick how many days work per month you want us to work on your website for, and that is the price you pay - simples.

How much SEO work do i need?


Search Engine Optimisation is a long term investment, which delivers long term results - things do NOT happen overnight and SEO is NOT a quick fix!

The average length of an SEO project is 9 months, however a lot of projects can become long term on-going projects which run for years, as the client wants to maximise the results and return on investment.

If you are thinking about looking to improve your website rankings you need to concider the following factors, which will then determind the price and length of time needed for your SEO project.

  • Website's current ranking positions? - are they good, average, poor or really bad?
  • What search positions are you happy with for your keywords? - #1, #1-#3, #1-#5 or simply 1st page?
  • How competitive is your market? - Very, average, easy?
  • Is your website ready for an increase in traffic? Will it convert this traffic into leads?
  • How many more sales a month do you need to complete in order to make a return on any SEO project?
  • Are you willing to invest over a 6-12 month period of time?

Once you as a business understand what is needed to achieve your end goals, we can then produce a bespoke plan for you and give you a detailed breakdown of what budget you are going to need and how long the SEO project is likely to take.

We want to achieve the very best end results and to do this we need to dedicate a lot of time to each project; and as a result SEO is not cheap however it does give amazing long term results when done right!

Some Example Projects Timeframes & Pricing

Local building company

The Brief

Local building company are looking to achieve higher rankings for around 20 major keywords related to their services, within a 25 mile radius of their location.

Their website is around 6 months old, is nicely designed but low on content.

Project Price: £2175+vat

National Accountancy company

The Brief

National accountancy firm is looking to capture more leads to 1 specific service they offer.

Their website requires a new landing page to be created to promote the new service as well as a heavy SEO campaign to improve the search ranking positions for around 50 related keywords which will bring visitors to this newly created lead generation page.

Project Price: £2575+vat

National Online gift company

The Brief

National online gift company is looking to sell more products through their website.

Their website currently has around 50,000 users per month but they are looking to increase this to 100,000 over the next 12 months. They do not have any new products coming to market, they want to improve the search rankings of the current database of 1000 lines.

Project Price: £12,175+vat

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