SEO For Skip Hire Company

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Article By: Stuart Cookney

SEO For Skip Hire Company

Lottie are able to offer SEO for your skip hire company at an affordable price.

The skip hire and waste management industry is highly competitive and now has never been a better time to ensure that your business is top of the pile when people search for what you do in your area.

When people look to hire a skip locally, often the first port of call is to grab their phone or laptop, go to Google and search for “skip hire company”. Then generally users will look at the first 3 organic search results and choose a company based on either lowest price, how nice the website is to use and or the company who answers the phone when they ring.

If you are a skip hire company and your website is not on the first page when you search for “skip hire company” then there is an issue straightaway – one which can be fixed if you are willing to invest money in a search engine optimisation (SEO) campaign.

Local Skip Hire Search Queries

Google and Bing are very clever now and know exactly where users are when they search, and want to give them the very best results which are local to them. There is no point in Google showing results for skip hire companies in Manchester, if the searcher is based in Blackpool as the distance is often outside of the businesses work radius.

Local search is now one of the best ways to generate traffic and leads to your website and Google and Bing now favour local companies for local searches and this is shown with a new section called the “Map Pack”

skip hire company map pack

As you can see from the image above this is the local map pack which shows 3 companies and dominates a large percentage of the screen space, and because of this these 3 results get a very high percentage of the clicks.

Getting on the map pack is vital if you want to attract local customers to your business, and this map pack is one of the best areas to improve during an SEO campaign.

If you do a search for “skip hire company” and your business is not inside this map pack then there is an opportunity to fix this and this is something that Lottie can help with.

Skip Hire Company SEO By Lottie

Lottie are able to work with your skip hire company and help improve the search engine ranking positions of your website to ensure that it shows up on the first page of google as a minimum for all the related industry keywords. We know exactly what Google and Bing are looking for as we have the experience and expertise to help and have proven results too.

Skip hire is competitive and the best way to get a competitive advantage is to ensure you are out-ranking them on the search engines. If you are higher up on Google than your competitors for searches such as “skip hire company” then your website will get a higher percentage of the traffic and therefore get a higher number of enquires and ultimately people hiring skips from you.

Skip Hire SEO Pricing

Pricing for a local search engine optimisation campaign for a skip hire or waste management company would depend on a number of factors such as

  • Age of your website
  • Quality of the website design and code
  • Quality of the content on the website
  • Number of other websites linking to your website
  • Quality and accuracy of business directory listings
  • Website framework

We would estimate that in order to get a skip hire company website to the first page of Google for around 20-30 industry related keywords would take around 6 months to achieve. This is based on the website being of average quality score.

Pricing for this would therefore be around:

  • £250+vat setup fee
  • £300+vat per month x 6 month


You can view more information about our pricing structure here, and if you are a skip hire company looking for help with SEO then you can get in touch and book a meeting so we can discuss how we can help further.

skip hire company

Results From A Skip Hire Company SEO Campaign

What sort of results are Lottie likely to achieve from an SEO campaign for your skip hire company?  We can not say for sure what the results will be however when we start a campaign we work with you to create realistic KPIs which we then work to achieve.

Generally results we aim to achieve are for all major keywords to get to a page 1 position, so for example you would be on the first page for “skip hire company”, “skip hire company (your location)” and “hire a skip (your location)”.

When we achieve these rankings for the above skip related keywords you should be getting at least 20% more traffic to your website and therefore hopefully would achieve a 20% increase in enquiries and sales.

Websites on the first page of Google and Bing get over 90% of all search traffic, so moving from page 2 to page 1 will see a big increase in website traffic, and in turn this will lead to more business.

So seeing search engine optimisation for your skip hire company as an investment and not a cost will result in your business growing its revenue and profitability massively – so let’s get in touch and see how we can help!