Search Engine Optimisation How Can We Help?

Search Engine Optimisation is a craft which takes years to master.
Hiring the right agency to help with your SEO is essential, and here at Lottie we have the expertise and experience to tackle any SEO project.

Search Engine Optimisation Services


Local Seo

Showing up at the top of the organic search results and or being one of the 3 businesses which are displayed on the "map pack" is vital for any local business if they want to generate traffic, leads and sales from their wesbite.

Lottie are experts in helping local companies rank high for local related keywords. Hopefully you found our website by searching for "seo compamy stoke" - if you did then you know we are good at what we do...

Techincal SEO

There is a lot of work which can be done under-the-hood of a website to improve the search engine ranking positions, and often this is not done when the website was first developed, as it is time consuming and may not have been part of the original specification.

We can tackle these missing elements such as code optimisation, open graph data being included, meta title and tagging upgrades along with fixing any broken links or 404 page errors.

On Page Seo

The words, images and video content on your website now has a massive impact on your search engine ranking positions, and this is something that our team can help improve and optimise.

By re-writing or improving on the content that is on the page and making it more search engine friendly, we are able to tell Google and Bing exactly what your website page is about, which will result in improved rankings.

Off Page Seo

Off page SEO is all about what happens away from your website. We are able to generate links back to your website from other sites via numerous white-hat methods, as well as improving your business directory listing data.

We can produce and syndicate news or blog articles which will help improve your brand awareness as well as generating backlinks and traffic to the website. Off-site SEO is a vital part of any campaign but be vary of companies offering you hundreds of cheap backlinks, as this can be bad for your site.

Link Building

Link building was once the best way to improve your search ranking positions as you could generate thousands of links from other sites easily - however Google & Bing have changed their ranking metrics to stop this out-dated approach.

We can generate healty, white-hat backlinks from sites who publish your press releases, we can write articles about your industry tagging your website in the content and post these on industry blogs and forums. The more links to your site the higher your domain authority and rankings will go.

Blog Writing

Blog writing is very important for SEO as we are able to produce long power page articles which include a lot of content and keywords - which is exactly what the search engines love to read.

By writing articles which answer the most popular search queries we can capture a lot of interested and engaged website users, who once they have read the article will hopefull browse the rest of your website and contact you about your services.

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Why do you need to invest in seo?


SEO is pound for pound the most cost effective form of digital marketing as it has such long term benefits when it is done correctly.

By getting your website to the top of the search engines will result in a much higher level of website traffic, and therefore will result in a higher level of enquiries, leads and hopefully sales.

The first port of call for any potential customer is a Google search - so they if they do not find your business from this search then you are losing business to your competitors, and this will happen day after day after day - until you out rank them of course.

SEO is not a quick fix, it does take time - often 6-12 months to take maxmimum effect - however once the work is complete and your site is at the top of the search results, the website will often stay there for a long time even if no further SEO work is carried out.

This is because the search engines trust the website enough to rank it at the top and if nothing major changes and none of your competitors do anything to topple you, then there is no reason why the search engines will stop trusing you.


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How Can SEO Help My Business?


More and more people use search engines to find companies to do business with, whether it be a plumber to fix a leak, an accountant to help with tax returns, an estate agent to help sell a house, or an SEO company to help with... well SEO.

Therefore if you are at the top of these search results there is a much higher chance of you getting the work over your competitors.

So you may get leads and sales from other methods such as referrals, networking, through your shop door or social media - which is great - but if you are looking for even more business then SEO is the best way to go as it offers a proven, trackable and affordable way to get new people to buy from you.

By having your website on the first page of the search results you are going to attract more and more users to your website, who will then have the potential to do business with you.

Higher rankings = more traffic = more enquries = more sales = more profit = bigger and better business.


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