5 Reasons Why You Need A Professional Copywriter

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5 Reasons Why You Need A Professional Copywriter

1. Better content brings bigger returns

Having a professional copywriter to research, create, edit and publish the content for your website can make a massive difference to the conversion rate and profitability of your website.

Content is the most important part of your website as it should inform and engage the people who read it. If you do not manage to do this then your website visitors will switch off and go somewhere elsewhere.

Having great content on your website will enable you to give your visitors much more detailed information. This will enable them to make a decision to use your business services, or complete the goal you are trying to achieve.

A professional copywriter will be able to take the heart of a business and transform this into words on a screen. They can then take them down a metaphorical road leading them to do exactly what you want them to do.

2. Writing Content Is Time Consuming – Do You Have The Time?

Having to sit down and write a blog post like this one takes a lot of time, planning and effort and can cost a lot of money if you do not know what you are doing.

Blog posts or website content should not just be thrown together at the last minute because you have a spare 5 minutes, or you think you have to publish something today.

Making sure your website content or content for advertising campaigns needs to be thought out properly to ensure you get the right message across 1st time.

Having to sit down and write a 500-word blog post can take 2 or more hours for someone who is not used to doing this on a day to day basis. Could this 2 hours be spent better on running the business; probably yes.

So hiring a professional copywriter to create the content for you can save you a lot of time, headaches and anguish and doesn’t need to cost a fortune either.

There is one thing you can never get back, and that is time – so use it wisely.

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3. SEO Optimised Content Takes Skill To Achieve

Ensuring the content on your website or blog is optimised for the search engines is not an easy job and can not be done in 5 minutes.

Lots of keyword research has to be done in order to get the website or article to achieve high search rankings. And this is often not thought about by business owners or marketing managers as they simply want some words on a page done as quick as possible.

A professional copywriter will be able to carry out this keyword research and determine which bundle of keywords will not only drive the most amount of traffic to the website but also have the potential for ranking growth.

Many people are capable of creating a blog article for a website or writing 200 words about the company they run, but not many people can ensure that this content is optimised for search engines.

A professional copywriter will be able to not only find the words to make your business sound amazing but can also help your website rank higher as a result.

4. Regular Content Updates Help With SEO

Most websites have a blog or latest news feed, and this is the perfect place to create content to help increase your search ranking positions. However, it is often an underused forum; mainly due to the time it takes to create a blog it is often forgotten about as day to day jobs take priority.

So many companies have an out-dated news feed which not only makes the business look unprofessional but also doesn’t take full advanced of the SEO benefits fresh content brings.

Having a professional copywriter create weekly, bi-weekly or monthly news articles for your website is a low-cost way to keep your website up-to-date and also increase your search engine rankings too.

Typically Lottie charges £50+vat for a 500-word article to be created and published on a website, so there really is no reason not to keep your blog up-to-date.

5. You Have Better Things To Be Doing

Unless a business has a marketing department where they can do all the marketing and content creation in-house, most companies should not be spending their time writing content for their website.

Having employees create blogs, news articles or adding content to the website not only takes them away from what they are getting paid to do but also can cost more money and potentially damage your business.

If you hire an employee to be a senior accountant then they should concentrate on doing that job, they should not be drawn away for 2-5 hours a month to write a news article for the website.

This is a bad use of their time and will be more expensive than simply hiring a professional copywriter to do the job instead.

Keep your employees on task and get in touch with Lottie to see how we can help transform your website or marketing material for a low price.


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