How We Climbed To The Top Of Google In 4 Months

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How did we get a top 2 position for “SEO Company Stoke” in only 4 months?

The Lottie domain was first registered on 21st February 2018 and we achieved the number 2 spot for “SEO Company Stoke” on the 5th June 2018.

This means we managed to move the Lottie website from no ranking position to number 2 in only 104 days.

So what was the process? Well here is a guide as to what we did for ourselves, and ultimately what we can replicate for your business too.

Step 1: Set-up basic 1 page website full of optimised keywords

After registering the domain name we didn’t actually create a website for about a week or so. Once we had the website hosting setup we create a plain text, no css, no javascript website that was full of optimised keywords.

The website was 1 page in size but had over 2000 words, so it was a super optimised power page. The website was super fast due to the fact it was pure HTML and no other code, it didn’t look pretty but scored 95% on Google page speed test.

This website was left like this for about a month and after this time period it was ranking around #23 for “SEO company Stoke”.

The site did not have an SSL at this point either.

We set up this power page to enable Google to index the website and start to rank it. This enabled us to have a great base to work from when the real site went live. It was also a good experiment to see how high a 1 page website with no real history or backlinks would rank – and the results were surprising.

Step 2: Set-up business directory listings

Business directory listings are a great way to get hundreds of backlinks from trusted sources and this was one of the first backlink exercises we carried out.

Adding our business location to the Stoke on Trent Sentinel business directory was quick, easy and free to do.

Once the listing has been added it generously gets syndicated across the media groups websites and you end up with around 100 business directory listings from 1 single submission – all with a backlink!

Having lots of links from business directories really helps with local SEO as Google picks up on the citations and if they are all exactly the same and from a range of sources the trust factor in that location and business will improve – and so do the rankings.

We also added ourselves to Google maps and ensured the listing had all the available features such as photos, opening times, website link, phone number and a nice 5* review from the director.

Step 3: First full website developed

So we are 1 month into our 4 month plan and it was time to develop the first draft of the Lottie website. This was a 5 page website with a Home, SEO, Contact, Blog and Pricing page.

The website featured lots of content on the home page and SEO page which explained what we offer and what SEO is all about. So having 2 or 3 super optimised pages with 1000 words or more really helped increase Google’s trust in the new website.

We didn’t like the design of this website but it would do for the time being, and was optimised for speed again so it helped us jump up the rankings and after 2 months we sat at #14 for “SEO Company Stoke”

Now there are not a lot of SEO companies in Stoke so it shouldn’t be that difficult to get on the first page I hear some of you cry.

Well this is true, however there are a lot of website design companies in Stoke – probably too many – and these all offer SEO. So if they were good at their job they should also rank on the first page shouldn’t they?

Step 4: Backlink generation

We know backlinks are very important to a website’s SEO success so we started to find and source backlinks from blogs and other business directories across the web.

By studying where our competitors were getting their backlinks we were able to copy them and so mirror the benefits they were seeing.

This process was done over a couple of days and we managed to find and submit around 50 more backlinks.

We used Majestic SEO to see where the backlinks from our competitors were coming from and tried to replicate them. Sometimes of course we couldn’t however most of the time we could as they had simply commented on blogs or forum posts and we could do the same.

We also have a few other backlink tricks up our sleeves to ensure we get lots of high authority links from websites which allow you to register and add your website address into your profile.

By registering for every kind of industry website account from Github, Theme Forest, Medium, Stack Overflow to Crunch base, we were able to get lots of nice ethical backlinks to our website.

Step 5: New website design

It may sound strange to have had 3 website designs in the space of 3 months, but the final design you are looking at now was created to ensure it would be future proofed as well as being optimised.

The new website design took around 3 weeks to develop from start to finish and this took us in to month 3 of the 4 month timeline.

Building the website to be optimised for speed allowed it to get a score of 68/100 on mobile and 71/100 on desktop based on the Google page speed score.

This is a good score to achieve and we are happy with this – trying to chase 100/100 doesn’t serve any real purpose or benefit.

The new website features service pages for our 5 main areas of expertise, and this allows us to create a lot of content specifically about these subjects.

Having separate pages for your services enabled us to write a lot of content for each of them and ensure it was super optimised and keyword heavy.

By having 500-1000 words per service page we are increasing the content level on the website, as well as increasing the number of keywords and in turn are increasing our search results across a wider range of keywords too.

Stage 6: CSS design award submissions

There are hundreds of websites which simply showcase other website designs with some offering votes and give away prizes.

So we went about sourcing these websites and submitted the Lottie site to them.

The benefit of this is that they all offer a backlink and the majority of these sites have a high domain authority which means the backlink flow is greater and helps increase website rankings faster. Plus you also get some traffic to the website from visitors interested to see the whole site.

This means we can get a double whammy in the form of a backlink and also website traffic which in turn helps our SEO rankings.

It is well worth finding and in some cases paying to go on to these website showcase sites as they can bring in a lot of traffic and give you a quality high authority backlink.

Stage 7: Be better than the competition

Most of the completion for the keyword “SEO Company Stoke” have been in the game for a number of years and so would expect to have a higher domain authority score, more backlinks as well as more content on their sites.

However having viewed each site we noticed that we would easily be able to out-rank them as surprising for “SEO” companies their own SEO was not that great.

So we ensured that we had more content on our website, better content, more optimised content as well as better backlinks, faster load speeds and flawless code quality – and we were able to out-rank them with ease.

We were able to out-rank some big local website design companies and other local specialist SEO companies without breaking much of a sweat.

The Results

lottie seo rankings

As you can see from the image above we have achieved the number 2 ranking for “SEO Company Stoke” on the 5th June 2018.

We are hoping to get to the number 1 spot within the next 3 months as well as getting high rankings for all our services in the local area.

As we can work with clients across the country and also internationally, we will also be carrying out a large and dedicated campaign to try and get the Lottie website to rank in the top 3 positions for a large number of other areas.

If we can achieve what we have in our own location then the next step is to repeat this for search terms such as

  • SEO company Manchester
  • SEO company Liverpool
  • SEO company Birmingham
  • SEO company Stafford
  • SEO company Crewe
  • SEO company Macclesfield

So stay tuned for a blog post on how and when we achieve these results.

So We are pretty good at SEO right? Let’s work together!

So we have told you how we did it and how fast we managed to do it in – so if you want us to try and replicate the results for your business then please get in touch – – and we can sit down and discuss your project in more detail.

There should be no better sign of skill and ability than doing what we say we can do for ourselves.

But if you did need more convincing that we are super awesome at SEO let’s book a meeting and we can show you!



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