What Is The Importance Of Good Content For SEO?

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Content Is More Important Than You Think!

Good content is hard to create and even more hard to get hold of from clients. This is why the majority of business websites are plain, boring and have little or no optimised content.

When companies hire a web design agency to design and develop their new website one of the most important features of this new website – the content – is often overlooked.

Companies are too busy and excited in the design process and making sure the website looks great – but little or no thought is put into the words which will go on to the site. The content is either added by the website design agency with no thought or reason behind it, or worse than that it is given to a junior member of staff who has no idea what they are writing about.

The content on your website is there to serve 2 main purposes. It needs to inform visitors about what you do, and why they should choose you to do business with. It is also there to help with SEO and to get people to your website as long as the content is super optimised.

good content for seo

So why is content so important for SEO?

1. Content Helps With SEO – FACT

Content is most definitely king when it comes to SEO, as the more content you have on your website, or the longer the blog post you create is – the more chance you have of achieving a high search position.

So why is this? Well as there are more and more websites being published each day, figures suggest as many as 140,000, there is more and more competition for the top 10 search positions.

The search engines must ensure that the top 10 websites give the user exactly what they want for their search term. So ensuring that the top 10 websites meet the search query exactly is essential.

By having more good content on your site you can tell Google and Bing “hey come to my site it has loads of information that will be useful to people“, and if this is true you will get onto the first page.

2. Longer articles equals a higher level of information and trust

Good content needs to be in the form of longer articles or blog posts, it needs to be 1000 words or more to make an impact.

Having more words on the page means you can not only explain your product, service or article in much more detail but you can also include many more keywords in your content.

A longer more informative article will help your website visitor to gain much more information than they would do if the page only had 200 words. This means the user is more informed about what you are offering and therefore more likely to use your company for the service.

Longer articles are also very SEO friendly as they tell the search engines:

  • I have put a lot of effort into this article so I should be trusted
  • My article is very detailed and gives the user exactly what they are looking for
  • My article is more informative than my completion so hey rank me higher please!
  • My article should be trusted as it contains more keywords and information than my competitors

3. Good content means more keywords

By taking the time to write long, detailed articles or website copy you can include a higher number of keywords in your content. This means that you can out-rank your competition simply by including your chosen keywords many more times, but without being penalised for being spammy.

A 1000 word article could include your chosen keyword around 30 times without drawing any unwanted attention. This gives you a great advance over the competition as their 200 word article may only include the keyword 1 or 2 items.

By having more good content on your site you can start to rank for a very high number of long tail keywords and bring in a lot of website search traffic.

Content should not be written for the sake of it however, as just because you have a 1000 word article on your website with 30 keywords placed throughout doesn’t mean you are going to double your sales overnight.

The article still needs to tick several boxes:

  • Inform the user of what they want
  • Provide as many answers as possible
  • Portray your business in a positive light
  • Be easy to read, understandable and make sense
  • Lead the visitor in to completing an action with your business
  • Be relevant and useful now and into the future

4. Attract More Traffic By Using Long-Tail Keywords

Optimising your content for long tail keywords is a great way of driving traffic to the site and can open up a whole new host of opportunities.

Long tail keywords are longer search terms and are often more specific and detailed – so the user knows exactly what they are looking for and if you can answer the question you are in business!

An example of a long tail keyword search would be “What is the importance of good content for SEO?” and a short tail keyword would be “seo content”.

As you can see the long tail keyword asks a very specific question and the user is looking for specific answers, so if you can create an article (bit like this one) that answers this question better than the competition then you will achieve higher rankings.

It also means that your content can rank for many more keywords at the same time as the search engines will show it to other people searching for similar questions.

The short tail keyword is an open keyword and could relate to a number of subjects. It could related to the following search terms:

  • Help with SEO content
  • SEO content writers
  • How can I optimise my website for SEO
  • What is SEO content optimisation
  • Local SEO content writer near me

Because it is not specific often the results will be varied in quality and probably wont answer the questions the searcher has. This is why more and more people are using long tail search terms to narrow down the content so they get the right answer first time.

Searches are becoming smarter and so will search for content in many different ways – so publishers have to keep up!

How Can I Improve My Content For SEO?

So you have read all the article and probably realised that there is a lot to be done to optimise your content for SEO. This can be hard and time consuming so why waste your precious time doing this when you can hire a professional copywriting company like Lottie to do it for you.

This article is around 1200 words and took around 3 hours to complete. So if you are looking for a similarly sized and well informed article then check out our copywriting service page for full details and pricing!

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