What We Charge

Our pricing is very simple, we charge per hour and work with you to choose the right duration for each project.

Here at Lottie we make our pricing very easy to understand, super transparent and simple to budget. We do not make up prices on the spot based on clients budgets, status or expectations - every client gets exactly the same pricing and exactly the same level of service.

Our SEO packages are priced by the hour and work with each client to determind how many hours work per month they either can afford, or we feel is necessary to help them achieve the end goals.

So if you are looking to optimise your website and are looking to invest in SEO then you have come to the right place. The next step on your journey is to look at our price structure and see if you feel this will work for your business or not.


One-off SEO Project Set Up Fee

This mandatory work allows us to complete a throughout research into your business, your competitors, your current website ranking positions and which keywords we need to target and focus on.


Quarterly Digital Strategy Creation

Each quarter we meet with clients to go through and create a digital strategy for the coming 3 months. This allows us to ensure we are working towards your business goals and giving the best possible ROI.


Hourly SEO Management Fee

This is our hourly rate for SEO. We require a minimum 10 hour commitment per month, and work with you to determind the optimum budget.

Our SEO pricing is clear and transparent and easy to work into your marketing budgets. The more work we can complete on your website optimisation the quicker and higher your website's rankings can go.

We recommend clients have a monthly retainer of between 15-25 hours per month to ensure the best possible return on investment.

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