Content is King! Lottie offers a professional copywriting service which helps get you more website traffic.

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Blog Writing

Having an up-to-date blog on your website vastly increases your chance of getting higher rankings on Google, as well as providing quality content to share on social media.

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Website Content

Ensuring the content on your website is informative, well written and optimised for search engines, is very important if you want to capture more traffic and sales leads.

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Product Descriptions

A great product description can be the difference between selling a few or selling a boat load, so we can make sure your product descriptions really pop and persuade people to buy.

How Much Do We Charge?


500 word highly optimised blog post

The minimum sized blog post we create is 500 words. This enables us to write a lot of content which is highly optimised with the relevant keywords to ensure it has the best chance of being found organically.


Website content created - priced per page

If you are struggling to find the time to create and plan out content for your website then we can help. Lottie will create the content for your website with minimum 250 words per page.


E-Commerce Product Descriptions

Do you have an online store with lots of products but poor descriptions? Lottie can re-write these descriptions for you at a fixed fee of just £10+vat per product for minimum of 150 words

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500 word blog post£50+vat

1,000 word blog post£100+vat

2,500 word blog post£250+vat

5,000 word blog post£500+vat

10,000 word blog post£1000+vat

Website page content 250 words£25+vat

Website page content 750 words£75+vat

Website page content 1,000 words£100+vat

E-Commerce product description 150 words£15+vat

E-Commerce product description 300 words£30+vat

E-Commerce product description 500 words£50+vat

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Learn More About Copywriting

Fresh Content Is Key

Copywriting can be hard and time consuming and we know this as we often ask clients “when was the last time you updated your website blog? Last week, last month, last year?”

Having an active and interesting blog on your website has many benefits and can not only help drive more traffic to your website but also gives your customers or clients information about your business and helps keep them loyal.

Copywriting and finding interesting blog content can be hard to create and time consuming so it is not uncommon for companies to setup a blog, post twice and then forget about it as they are too busy doing the real work.

How Can Lottie Help?

We are able to design a content creation plan which will map out the copywriting content to be published on the website over a series of months. Once this plan is created we then work with your marketing department to plan in when the blog posts are published and how to promote them.

We are able to write articles for your website from 300 words right up to 30,000 – the price for this work is simply an hourly rate.

Generally speaking a blog article of 500 words will cost £50+vat, if you are looking for a more in-depth article like some we have on our own blog then the price could be in the region of £175 – £350+vat

Why Should I Bother With Professional Copywriting?

Having a blog has many benefits if it is used correctly:

  • Google likes new fresh content and may rank your website higher
  • You can add extra content to your website based on specific areas of interest
  • Gives you extra content to share on social media
  • Drives traffic from search results with optimised articles
  • Keeps your business looking fresh and current to website visitors
  • Helps you stand out from the competition
  • Provide help and information to your customers via articles they can read rather than contacting you direct

How Does It Work?

In order for us to be able to create content for your business we will need to carry out some detailed research into what you do and how you do it.

We will speak to you and your team to gain as much information as possible, which will make the blog writing process much smoother and easier for all parties.

Then once the research is complete we work on the content strategy and schedule and then set to work on creating and publishing your content.

We work with clients on a 1 off basis or we work with clients each month to ensure their website is kept fresh and up-to-date. The price is the same as we work on our hourly rate of £25+vat.

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