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Link building is still a very important part of SEO, and if done correctly can dramatically help increase search rankings for your website.

Link Building Services

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Generating Backlinks

Lottie is able to to generate high quality, ethical backlinks from quality sources. These backlinks will help increase the trust factor of your site and in turn help increase rankings.

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Fix Bad Backlinks

Have you out-sourced your backlinking to another company, or bought links from Fiverr? We can help fix and remove these backlinks and show the search engines you are a trusted website again.

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High Quality Backlinks

We source and generat backlinks from a range of sources across the world. We do not use robots or programs to do this so all our links are ethical and trusted - allowing for steady ranking growth.

How Much Do We Charge?


One-off SEO Project Set Up Fee

This mandatory work allows us to complete a throughout research into your business, your competitors, your current website ranking positions and which keywords we need to target and focus on.


Quarterly Digital Strategy Creation

Each quarter we meet with clients to go through and create a digital strategy for the coming 3 months. This allows us to ensure we are working towards your business goals and giving the best possible ROI.


Hourly SEO Management Fee

This is our hourly rate for SEO. We require a minimum 10 hour commitment per month, and work with you to determind the optimum budget.

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What Is Link Building?

Link building is the process of creating and acquiring backlinks from other websites to your own, and the more you have of the right quality the higher you may rank on Google and Bing.

Every time there is a link on a website page to another page this is tracked by the search engines, and website’s which have more links back to it are classed as more trusted and therefore may rank higher.

Of course these links need to be of a high quality and not generated through bots or spamming – as if this is done then the search engines will penalise the website and its rankings will tumble.

Why Is Link Building Important?

Search engines see the number of links back to your website as a key metric when deciding what position to place your website for a specific search term.

Generally most websites have few backlinks, mainly from business directories or social media accounts, and because of this may not rank as highly as they could do.

In order to increase the trust factor of a website a dedicated link building program is needed as this can be the difference between being on page 5 or page 1.

Websites which are on page 1, especially in the top 3 positions will tend to have a high number of backlinks, and therefore are trusted more than the other websites they compete against. Because of this extra trust score Google and Bing will rank them higher – so it pays to have as many backlinks as possible.

Should I Just Pay For Link Building?

Link building on its own will only have a small effect on the search ranking positions of your website and therefore should not really be seen as a stand-alone service.

We utilise link building within our main SEO packages and therefore you get the best of what we can offer.

We can offer link building as a 1 off service, we simply charge £25+vat per hour and for this you would be likely to receive 5-10 backlinks to your website.

Isn’t Link Building Spammy?

NO we only generate links in a totally white-hat and ethical manner and never out-source this operation either.

All our links are generated manually and the websites we link from are picked because they themselves have a high quality and trust score with search engines.

We do not use any black-hat tactics to generate links and you should be concerned with any companies offering to get you thousands of backlinks for a low fee – as they will often do more damage than good,.

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