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Get to the top of the search engines in your local area, and attract local customers to your door.

Local SEO Services

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Local Optimisation

Lottie can optimise your website to increase the amount of traffic coming from your local area. Over 80% of searches are for a local service, so make sure you are at the top!

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Map Pack Optimisation

We can make sure your business shows up on the 'map pack' more often, which will result in a higher click through rate to your website, and increased calls to your business.

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SEO Location Hacking

We an create content on your website to help it rank higher for locations you do work in, but are not physically based. This is great trick to get more traffic across a wider area.

How Much Do We Charge?


One-off SEO Project Set Up Fee

This mandatory work allows us to complete a throughout research into your business, your competitors, your current website ranking positions and which keywords we need to target and focus on.


Quarterly Digital Strategy Creation

Each quarter we meet with clients to go through and create a digital strategy for the coming 3 months. This allows us to ensure we are working towards your business goals and giving the best possible ROI.


Hourly SEO Management Fee

This is our hourly rate for SEO. We require a minimum 10 hour commitment per month, and work with you to determind the optimum budget.

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Attract Local Customers To Your Website

Local SEO is the process of optimising your website to be found by people in your local search area, and if your site is not ready for local search then now is the time to act.

Over 50% of consumers who carried out a local search on their phone visited the store within 1 day, so you can see the importance of being found locally to bring more customers through your door.

How Can Lottie Help Me?

Here at Lottie we are experts in local SEO – and if you came to our website via a Google search then you can see we know what we are talking about.

We can help optimise your website and online portfolio to ensure it ticks all the boxes the search engines are looking for, and not only help grow your organic search placements but also get you showing up in the all important Map Pack.

Our local SEO work may only take a few weeks depending on your current website standings to take affect, and other times it can take several months to achieve page 1 positions.

Either way it is an investment which always pays off – being on page 1 will bring you more revenue FACT.

What Is Local SEO?

Local SEO is a way of optimising a website to ensure it is found in the local area and is essential for any business who offers services within their neighbourhood.

Local SEO applies to businesses big or small, but is especially useful for smaller businesses who maybe only have 1 office or shop and work within a 25 mile radius of this location.

Google and Bing are becoming very clever in the way they get information about who is searching, including knowing where they are located as well as previous search queries. This means is can show better local search results and keep the users happy and using their services over and over again.

So if you are a coffee shop in Stoke-on-Trent for example you would want to be found for the following search terms:

  • Coffee shop
  • Coffee shop near me
  • Places to drink
  • Cafe near me
  • Places to get coffee on the go
  • Drive through coffee shop

Notice that there is no location added to these search queries, but if your website is optimised correctly it will show up higher for local people due to the fact you are letting the search engines know where you are based.

The Map Pack

When someone does a generic search for “coffee shop”, Google will know where that user is located based on their mobile device location or computer IP address and so will show them coffee shops which are near them. There is no point in Google showing users websites for coffee shops in London if the search is being done in Aberdeen.

This is where the “map pack” comes into play and having a top 3 position here will ensure your business is seen over your competitors and will also attract more phone calls and store visits.

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