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Do you sell your services on a national level, or are you an online retailer? We can help capture traffic from across the UK

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Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keyword optimisation is a great way to bring in traffic from more obscure and niche search terms. These can be easier to rank for than more generic search terms and give better returns

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Detailed Article Creation

You need to stand out from the crowd and we can help you achieve this with the creation of 'power articles'. These 5,000 - 10,000 word articles help you rank super high and attract a lot of traffic.

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Content Outreach & Linking

We can create quality content which we can share with the wider community to create high quality backlinks as well as driving real engaged users directly to your website over and over.

How Much Do We Charge?


One-off SEO Project Set Up Fee

This mandatory work allows us to complete a throughout research into your business, your competitors, your current website ranking positions and which keywords we need to target and focus on.


Quarterly Digital Strategy Creation

Each quarter we meet with clients to go through and create a digital strategy for the coming 3 months. This allows us to ensure we are working towards your business goals and giving the best possible ROI.


Hourly SEO Management Fee

This is our hourly rate for SEO. We require a minimum 10 hour commitment per month, and work with you to determind the optimum budget.

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So You Want To Rank Nationally?

National SEO and Local SEO are basically the same, apart from with National SEO there is less optimisation for the physical location your business is based in and more optimisation on a generic level.

This means we try and rank your website against all other businesses on a national or global scale.

So for example if you are an online retailer selling faux fur coats then you would want to rank when a user types in “buy faux fur coat” no matter where they are in the UK.

National SEO Is Much More Competitive

The only downside of having a nationwide business is that you are competing with hundreds or thousands of other similar businesses and therefore makes it a little bit harder to get that dream page 1 ranking – however it is not impossible and we have done it many times before.

National SEO can simply just require more time and more effort to be put in, however it all depends on the market place you are working in and which keywords you are looking to get page 1 rankings for.

Long Tail Keywords

It is highly possible to rank for several hundred “long tail keywords” in your industry which can bring in a lot more traffic to your website than if you focused on being on page 1 for a generic term.

For example:

  • Best faux fur coats winter 2o18
  • Cheap faux fur coat in yellow
  • What is faux fur?
  • When is the best time to buy a faux fur coat?
  • What is the difference between faux fur and real fur?

The above are all long tail keywords as they are a longer search query than simply “faux fur coat” and as such will enable us to try and rank your website on page 1 as the competition will be lower and probability of success greater.

If your website ranks on page 1 for 50 long tail keywords this can bring in a massively higher amount of traffic than if it ranked on page 1 for your most generic competitive search term – so this is what we focus on.

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